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Cotton, linen




Cyprus: € 50
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Joanna Louca

Has been working with textiles, weaving on domestic handlooms, intertwining threads with fibres of diverse materials to weave fabric narratives.

The atelier is based on collective research crossing the boundaries of conventional weaving to create a unique language through thread.
Focusing on the grid but at the same time a sense of pattern-reading corresponds into my weaving narratives where a new lexicon is formed. A simplicity of form through a complex weaving technique. The result is a clarified vision that creates an awareness beyond pattern and colour. Joanna Louca’s practice captures determination through a developed understanding of the myriad complexities of weaving while breaking away from its fundamental constructions and translated into a personal haptic language.

Her work is presented in various groups and solo shows, art fairs and biennales. Since 2012 her work has included commission projects for public settings and private textile collections and foundations worldwide. In 2018 I was selected as a Master Artisan by Michelangelo Foundation in Geneva and her work was exhibited at Homo Faber ‘The Best of Europe’ in Venice.

A series of framed weaves revealing a systematic experimentation on the interrelation of fiber and construction in its purest form.

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