t.a.s.© is an experimental art space nestled in the architectural charm of a historic house in the enchanting Cypriot village of Lefkara. Founded by artist Julian Epok and Chris Pliessnig, Financial Consultant and Project Manager, t.a.s.© is a contemporary gallery concept that embodies a unique and distinctive aesthetic – an immersive Gesamtkunstwerk that captivates all the senses and embraces the very soul of the island. t.a.s.© – a name that speaks to all meaning – is a dynamic testing ground for the exploration of new design objects, the exhibition of contemporary art, as well as culinary and musical events.

Originally founded in Vienna, Austria in 2022, t.a.s.© began as a series of happenings that offered guests exclusive dining experiences and curated art exhibitions. Now, Cyprus marks the first in a series of thoughtfully planned physical spaces around the world, developed by the co-directors with an eye for intricate detail and a passion for modern architecture and contemporary art. Additionally, a champagne and caviar bar for clients and visitors is located in the courtyard.

t.a.s.© is a dynamic hub, constantly nurturing new ideas and events, bringing art and objects of desire to life. The gallery strikes a perfect balance, giving space to the next generation of creatives while honoring the legacy of those who came before. Inspired by the Parisian flair of the concept store Colette Mon Amour, the studio has developed its own exclusive perfume for the inauguration, which has since evolved into an unique collection of merchandise and clothing reflecting the essence of the islands charm. t.a.s.© boldly challenges conventions, taking in the air of the island, the roughness of the land and the beauty of its heritage, opening its doors to the imagination of the Mediterranean Sea.