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Stoneware ceramics, plaster




Cyprus: € 50
Europe: € 300

Elina Hadjinicola

A Cypriot artist based in Larnaca, who engages in a diverse range of sculptural practices with a particular focus on ceramics and bio-design. Her artistic approach involves creating temporary procedural configurations where materials and abstracted forms take on unique lives of their own. One prominent aspect of her work involves working with beeswax. Through this medium, she delves into the world of bees as producers of material culture. Her exploration responds to the precarious nature of the material, addressing issues such as environmental sustainability. This connection to bees and their role in shaping the environment serves as a metaphor for broader ecological concerns.

In her artistic practice, Elina creates objects of use and abstracted figures that engage in dialogues between antiquity, functionality, and nature. This interplay between different elements in her work adds layers of meaning and significance, inviting viewers to contemplate the connections between human history, the natural world, and contemporary challenges. Overall, Elina Hadjinicola's work reflects a thoughtful exploration of materials, forms, and concepts, intertwining the realms of art and nature while addressing relevant social and ecological issues.

A worrier—a mother, a nurturer, or a warrior. An alien presence to this world, a maternal figure is growing her offsprings. Glowing orbs carry children that will arrive anytime soon. She is holding on to them beyond any gravity rules, knowing that at any moment they will slip away and grow. They are white and definitely will be pure. Pure, with uncorrupted innocent eyes. Pure, ready to receive everything and live the ordinary with a sense of awe. Pure, untouched by worry or comparison. Like all children are, pure with unspoiled beauty.


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