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Mixed media: collage, sewing, transfer, on canvas


168x114 cm


Cyprus: € 50
Europe: € 300

Asli Boyalir

The painting ‘Kormakiti’ explores the concept of purity through the metaphor of roads and the journey of life. In the context of the exhibition "Purity," the roads represent the paths we take and the experiences we encounter along the way. There's movement, order, balance, land, a period of change, contrast, filled with sky, shade, serenity... Just as the purity of soil, the painting searches to see what happens when we are in the nature, how it helps us to change our perceptions. Interestingly, this painting Kormakiti is another village in Cyprus like Salamiou and Lemona villages. This detail adds a layer of complexity to the exploration of purity, suggesting that purity is not confined to specific locations but is a universal concept that can be expressed and interpreted in various contexts. It also shows how we are connected to the soil where we live. The repetition and cycles seen in the painting mirror the natural cycles found in nature, such as the changing of seasons. The fear of falling into patterns and the exploration of subtle differences reflect the complexity of purity and its interpretation in various forms of media, from painting to poetry.

Ultimately, the painting emphasizes the importance of contemplation and observation in understanding purity. It suggests that purity is not a static state but a dynamic and multifaceted concept that evolves with each experience and perception. Through the metaphor of roads and nucleos, the painting invites viewers to consider the intersections between purity, identity, and the journey of life.

The painting "Kormakiti" searches for the concept of purity, utilizing the metaphor of roads and the journey of life as its narrative framework. Within the context of the exhibition "Purity," these roads symbolize the paths we navigate and the diverse experiences we encounter along our personal journeys.

Through its evocative imagery and symbolism, the painting encourages viewers to explore the intersections between purity, identity, and the ever-unfolding journey of life.

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