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Alev Adil

My creative practice is interdisciplinary and prowls the territories of performance, philosophy, poetry, installation, video, collage, photography and painting in order to engage with the theme of memory: of the past in the present, the present moment passing and the future now. My work explores both the folded times of memory, and the places, the location and perspectives of remembering and forgetting. My primary methodology is an autoethnographic poesis that combines biography with the deconstruction of the self. Process is more important than product for my practice, the process of researching and growing through making and healing through sharing and connecting to my audience, who collaborate in the meaning and experience that the work creates. In this way we experiment with new ways of being and

seeing, of changing, as well as expressing, ourselves.

This hyperreal digital image of apple blossom presents the viewer with a hyperbolic and uncanny vision of the fecundity of spring time. The beauty of a profusion of delicate petals, the spring sunlight and the energy of new life seduce the eye. However the image refuses a straightforwardly reassuring decorative reading. There is also a darkness coming forward from the background, an incipient storm of unease. There is something unnatural about the portrayal of pure nature here. Purity is never a stable state. The concept of purity is a relative one. The anthropologist Mary Douglas proposes that nothing is intrinsically pure or impure, clean or unclean. These categories are the ways in which a society tries to impose a rule based order upon the chaos of life. Here we see that ebullient chaos. The pure blossoms will become fruit, the fruit of biblical temptation and the fall from grace. For the poet T.S. Elliot ‘April is the cruellest month’. April is cruel because the cycle of life begins again, because desire is reborn even when we long to abandon that desire, when we know it can never be fulfilled. Hope after hope is the purest happiness, it is the cruellest damnation, and after all, despite and because of this : life is beautiful


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